Saturday, November 14, 2009

Window and Tab Limiter Add-On for FireFox

I just finished re-writing and greatly improving my window and tab limiter extension for FireFox. As an IT manager, I've always been amazed with how many users complain about their workstation's speed, when in fact many times it turns out that at least part of the problem is that they have 50 million web browser windows (or tabs) open. So I've written a FireFox extension to help with the problem. It has 3 modes of operation. One is where the user is gently reminded they have too many windows open, and if the user wants to continue working like that, they can. The next mode forces the user to close at least one window before continuing. And then lastly there is a stealth mode that closes windows and tabs automatically. I also added the ability to password protect the preferences so people can go in and undo what they shouldn't be undoing. I've uploaded the extension to Mozilla's add-ons "sandbox", but I now have to wait until the approve it for general distribution.........the sandbox version is (currently) located here....

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